Emergency Mix and Match

10 05 2008

I had a last minute party to go to at MDR tonight and, of course, I was fretting about what to wear. Thankfully, PixelDolls sent out two new shirts to their VIP group yesterday. If you aren’t a member of that group, what are you waiting for? Head on over to their shop and sign up and you too can get the coolest new releases.

One of the shirts they sent over is the Duchess top. It comes in a jacket and glove layer (I know, right?). I was so happy to see that they had given us the black version and I immediately snagged it out of my inventory and put it on. Of course, If you want other colors they have them available in their store. I went and checked it out and it comes in seven other colors. At $125L a piece, I may have to snag this in a few other colors myself.

Duchess is a stunning top with a brocade texture and excellent detailing. The front is open with just a halter paired with long sleeves and an interesting neckline. It can be dressed up or down, which I love about a lot of PixelDolls stuff. Of course, now that I had this fantastic shirt, I had to think fast and find something to wear with it.

After consulting with my own personal fashion guru, my friend Rhodesy Durant, I finally ended up pairing it with the black pants from my InSuspense outfit I bought at Mischief ages ago. I added ZHAO’s Xinful Boots in black and a ruby belly piercing to complete the look. In the end, it turned into a very sleek, modern outfit with a touch of old world romanticism thrown in for good measure.

See what fun mixing and matching outfits can be?

Model Info:
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Shape: Body Doubles Sarah Michelle Gellar (modified to look nothing like her).
Hair: Abyss – Secret, Blood.
Top: PixelDolls – Duchess, Black.
Pants: Mischief – InSuspense, Black. (Part of a whole outfit)
Shoes: ZHAO – Xinful, Black
Jewelry: Caroline’s Individual Right Hand Ring
Piercings: Inks & Kinks Diamond Nose Stud and a Freebie Ruby Belly Ring.




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